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‘Hanukkah on Rye’ Trailer & On Location video

Great news! Hanukkah on Rye is almost out, don’t forget to add December 18th to your calendars for its release. But, for now, enjoy the official trailer and an exclusive on location video with a small sneak peek into the set of this Hallmark movie soon to be released:

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Hanukkah on Rye: First Look

Yael looks lovely as the wonderful Molly on Hanukkah On Rye! Let’s not forget, this movie will premiere this Winter season on December 18th on Hallmark Channel. The channel released a page about the movie where a small description of Yael can be read as well as photos of the movie.

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Yael Grobglas won over audiences and critics alike playing the dual roles of Petra Solano and Anezka in the critically-acclaimed and award-winning The CW comedy, “Jane the Virgin,” which premiered in October 2014 to rave reviews. In its freshman year, the series received comedy series nominations from the Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Awards, won an AFI Award for TV Program of the Year, People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Comedy and a Peabody Award. Grobglas starred opposite Gina Rodriguez, Jaime Camil, Justin Baldoni, Andrea Navedo and Ivonne Coll and quickly became TV’s favorite villain playing Petra, the ex-wife of wealthy hotel owner, Rafael Solano. From Season two, Grobglas also took on the role of her twin sister Anezka.

Recently, Grobglas started voicing a recurring role in in an upcoming series for HBO Animation. She has also appeared as the psychic super villain Gayle Marsh aka Psi in the third season of “Supergirl” for The CW. She also can be seen in Perry Lang’s indie feature An Interview with God, opposite Brenton Thwaites.

In January 2016, Grobglas starred opposite Yon Tumarkin and Danielle Jadelyn in the Israeli horror film JeruZalem. In 2013, Grobglas was cast as the lead central character America Singer in The CW pilot “The Selection,” based on the young adult novel by Kiera Cass. That same year, she was cast in the recurring role of Olivia on The CW historical fantasy romance series “Reign” as Olivia.

Raised in Israel where she studied dance and acting, Grobglas appeared in several of her home country’s popular television series including “Ha’ Yi” (The Island), “Ha-Shualim” (The Foxes) and “Tanuhi” (Give It A Rest), as well as gained international recognition starring in the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival official selection Israeli horror film, Kalevet (Rabies).

Grobglas currently resides in Los Angeles.

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MPTF’s 16th Annual Evening Before Primetime Emmy Party

As I am an excellent detective, I found two pictures of Yael attending a Emmy event, while she was caught in the background, because she didn’t make an official appearance 😀

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SEP 19: Red Carpet Premiere Of Hulu’s “Reboot”

And to celebrate the newest project, we may have Yael joining more events soon!! This time, she attended Reboot premiere.

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Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas Lineup: Hanukkah on Rye

Yael has a new project schedulled to shoot from September 27th to October 19th! The movie will shoot in Winnipeg and has the following storyline:

It’s never easy to mix family with business and Jacob Leven and Molly Gilbert know this all too well. Both born into strong Jewish families with world class delis while trying to find their own way and carve their own paths. For Jacob, it’s proving to his family that he has what it takes to open the newest location on his own and for Molly, it’s about finding a way for their old traditions to stay relevant and appreciated. When Jacob makes his way to New York to scout for his new location, he just happens to run into Molly. Both of them feel some pull to the other but they have their individual goals and aim to see them through. Each of them also face the Bubby relationship pressure gauntlet. Having little success finding their beshert using conventional means, they both reluctantly accept their idea to participate in a matchmaking service carried out in the style of the old ways of only being able to write letters to the other person. Not knowing who they are talking to other than by what they are reading from mystery sender, the two pen pals start to develop feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Jacob and Molly continue exploring their own connection despite the face that Jacob seeks to open a competing deli on the same block as hers; neither of them realize that they are actually each other’s pen pal! It’s only until Jacob finds out that the person he’s had such a nice time writing to and Molly are the same person that things become even more complicated for them. How does he tell her that her matchmaking parter and the person she is falling for in spite of the competing deli are one and the same? They both wanted to avoid complications but now that’s all they have… Can they find a way to make all this work out?


According toe Variety it will premiere on December 18th on the Hallmark Channel.

“Hanukkah on Rye” – Sunday, December 18 – Hallmark Channel

Stars: Jeremy Jordan, Yael Grobglas, Lisa Loeb

Official logline: “A matchmaker connects Molly and Jacob, but their new romance is put to the test when they realize that they are competing deli owners. Will a Hanukkah miracle keep them together?”


We believe Yael will be playing Molly who is one of the main characters 🙂

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