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GALLERY & CAREER UPDATE: Biloxi Blues 2013 Play

We’ve worked non-stop to find all about this 10 years ago project, as it isn’t much known. Though we managed to find over 40 promotional pictures and a few on set photos from the photoshoot as well! Sadly not much more is available, but we managed to update the career page with the few information available 🙂

032.jpg 023.jpg 003.jpg 033.jpg

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Newest addition to the gallery: The Foxes (2010)

We finally finished the gallery with all Yael’s projects! This time we have uploaded 50 episodes of the israeli show, which aired in 2010/ 2011 and was cancelled after one season. Enjoy screencaps, episode stills, promotional pictures and other related photos!

0200.jpg 0311.jpg 0149.jpg 0097.jpg

0025.jpg 0248.jpg 0343.jpg 0125.jpg

Added The Foxes to Yael’s career page to finish off the last project we were missing with information on casting, photos, and a small plot information!

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“Ted Lasso” Season 3 Red Carpet Premiere Event

Yael amazed the red carpet over the premiere of Ted Lasso 3rd season. She got her hair waved and wore a dress in white, very similar to what she last wore in 2022 in green color (see here). Enjoy:

0002.jpg 0011.jpg 0014.jpg 0019.jpg

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Hanukkah on Rye HD Screencaps now available on the gallery

Yael has done an amazing job as Molly joined by Jeremy Jordan on Hanukkah on Rye which finally has the full HD screencaps over the gallery available.

0008.jpg 0158.jpg 0368.jpg 0508.jpg

0584.jpg 0653.jpg 0747.jpg 0935.jpg

Movie Productions > 2022 – Hanukkah on Rye > Screencaps

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TimesOfIsrael: Hallmark’s new Hanukkah movie is ‘perfect timing’ amid antisemitism spike

Yael was recently interviews for Times of Israel, and she made some comments on her latest project Hanukkah on Rye: about her character’s prayers, on how there should be more Jewish holidays related movies as well as how Hannukah movies can help on knowing the Jewish traditions.

Yael Grobglas grew up celebrating Hanukkah – but not quite like this. The star of the newest Hallmark Hanukkah movie, “Hanukkah on Rye,” was raised in Israel, with somewhat different traditions from those embraced by American Jews.

“Hanukkah is big in Israel, of course. It’s always been one of my favorite holidays… but I feel like it has sort of got a lot bigger in the [United] States, because it has to compete with Christmas,” Grobglas told The Times of Israel in a recent phone interview from Los Angeles.
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