Yael Grobglas


Yael Grobglas,with her parents having French and Austrian descent, she ended up being born in Paris, but moved to Israel in an early age. There, she started to develop her passion for performing studying various types of dance, including a professional dance group. In her teen years she briefly participated in several runway shows and advertising campaigns. Soon she realized that acting was her true passion.

The Israeli audience started to know her in 2001 when she was cast for 3 seasons in the sci-fi TV series The Island (Ha’Yi). During that time she entered and completed a three-year acting program at the Yoram Loewenstein Performing Arts Studio

​But TV wasn’t the only area Yael aimed to achieve, she also premiered in Theater joining top actors in Israel.

Soon Yael realized that she needed to go further, she flew to the USA and started casting, being chosen for a major role in the un-aired pilot for The Selection which never got picked up by the CW. But that wasn’t going to stop her, she soon got a recurring role in Reign and, little did she know, that she would be chosen to play Petra in Jane The Virgin. This was when her career picked up in the US: Supergirl, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Reign are just a few of her projects made in the USA.

We sure know that we will get to see more of her in the future not only on our TVs but in Hollywood.

Biography based on Yael’s official site and interviews.

Personal Life Facts known from interviews & more:

Yael’s favorite book is Ken Follett Pillars of the Earth.
Yael has two tattoos, a cat’s face on her back and text on her right hip.