Magazine Scans > 2011: SEP 29 Leisure

Translation from Leisure magazine issue 2011, SEP 29:



At the moment, the Israeli horror film “Rabies” is what a variety of audiences around the world get to watch. The value of this fact lies in the fact that Grobglas, 27, has a winning combination. Quite a bit of beauty, talent and personality that in English is called by the charming name “Bubbly”, something bouncy and happy like that. “Rabies” did indeed give Grobglas a first adult role after the promising start, but with the role in “Ha’Shualim” (and one on the way in “Hatzuya”) it seemed for a moment that she might be aiming for too hard. Soon, with the mini-series “Yehefim” and its dangling casting for a new hot comedy drama called “Tanuhi”, Grobglas will prove she’s got other plans. What’s beautiful about her? Those huge eyes, like a character from a manga movie. What’s right about her? The comedic abilities that raised her head in “Rabies” and “Ha’Shualim” point to a future career direction. Maybe we’re talking about someone big here. To become the Israeli Kirsten Wiig? No one is perfect: “Ha’Shualim” may have discovered the comedy in Grobglas, but pretty much failed at everything. My parents didn’t raise me as a child but in a human being. At 16 I was very annoyed when I was stigmatized by a toast, so I became a tomboy just to prove that a girl can also be funny and smart, I’m not some extreme feminist who doesn’t like the door open for her or sitting down. I really, really like gentlemen. I just don’t like giving women the feeling that they are small and weak, so my real wish is that one day we will be able to achieve true equality between the sexes.

Thank you to Divine Candice for the translation.