( written by admin on March 22, 2021 )

Newest addition to the gallery: The Pyjamas

A well known child tv series, The Pyjama, invited Yael to join them on the 9th Season for one episode, which is now available on our gallery:

001.jpg 085.jpg 160.jpg 176.jpg

( written by admin on March 15, 2021 )

Newest addition to the gallery: Jane The Virgin Season 2

Season 1 of Jane The Virgin was already on our gallery, this time, we updated the gallery for Season 2! Added screencaps, episode stills and promotional pictures from Season 2 of Jane The Virgin to our gallery. Yael plays Petra Solano, as we all know, and she doesn’t need any introduction 🙂


001.jpeg 2x11-5.jpg 2x14-6.jpg 2x2.jpg

414.jpg 103.jpg 030.jpg 223.jpg

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