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Nylon: Now Petra on ‘Jane The Virgin’ became the best antihero on TV


There’s a scene early in Season 2 of Jane the Virgin, in which Petra is seen doing something very Petra-like: stealing a sample of Rafael’s (her ex, Jane’s baby daddy) sperm. But right before this scene, there’s a flashback to a much less manipulative Petra, when she was happy with Rafael; when they were married, in love, and expecting their first child together. The brief time-lapse allows us to sympathize with the otherwise-wicked character, and it is even more impactful when, later in the episode, we learn Petra suffered a miscarriage. But then we’re jolted back to the present, and reminded of her plans to inseminate herself in order to steal Rafael back from Jane (straight out of a telenovela, right?!). That’s the thing about Petra, you hate her and you love her, and you hate loving her and you love hating her. Because, back to that scene: When it seems like Petra might be caught, the narrator pleads, “Hurry up, Petra!” And then asks: “Wait, why am I rooting for her?” That, more or less, sums up most audience members relationship with the complex character.

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