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Newest addition to the gallery: JANE THE VIRGIN SEASON 5

And that’s it for Jane The Virgin, S5 is now available over our gallery!! This was the show that made us fall in love with Yael and we can, finally, say that this category is now available in full in our gallery! From screencaps, episode stills, promotional pictures, on set photos and also random screencaps from several commercials… it is all now available for all Petra/ Aneska/ Pyotr/ Yael fans to see 🙂

5x14.jpg 5x10-2.jpg 5x11.jpg 5x19-2.jpg
0211.jpg 0529.jpg 0085.jpg 0284.jpg

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Newest addition to the gallery: Jane The Virgin Season 4

Just a step closer to finish the category of Jane The Virgin in our gallery! You can enjoy Season 4 with high quality screencaps and episode stills from Jane The Virgin to our gallery. Yael plays Petra Solano and Anezka, as we all know, and once again, she doesn’t need any introduction 🙂

4x04-2.jpg 4x10.jpg 4x14-5.jpg 4x15-2.jpg
0043.jpg 0033.jpg 0023.jpg 0315.jpg

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Experience Camps: Actress Yael Grobglas on the power of “I’m here”

Yael was invited to talk on her own experience of griefExperience Camps, is a nonprofit that champions the nation’s 5.3 million bereaved children and runs a network of no-cost camps that help grieving children thrive. To learn more about this campaign inside the nonprofit, click here. See the video below and screencaps over the gallery:

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Newest addition to the gallery: 2011 SPLIT

One of the most known performances by Yael in Israel was Split which aired for 3 seasons and Yael made a secondary appearance throughout some episodes of season 3. She played Noy and was featured in 11 episodes. Enjoy them in our gallery as well as one production still.

009.jpg 013.jpg 031.jpg 049.jpg

145.jpg 036.jpg 132.jpg 007.jpg

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Newest Addition to the gallery: 2011 The Golden Girls

To continue updating our gallery with new images of Yael, today we bring Yael’s small appearance on the Israeli TV Series The Golden Girls. She only appeared in one episode and her character is called Leahy.

002.jpg 083.jpg 199.jpg

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