( written by admin on October 04, 2020 )

What’s in our gallery: Photoshoots

As previously posted, we shown a bit of our Public Appearances photos where Yael attended several events in the US and Israeli. Today, here is a preview of Photoshoots she made through the years which include exclusive outtakes for 1883 Magazine 2017 photoshoot.

001.jpg 005.jpg 008.jpg 001.jpg 008.jpg 001.jpg 004.jpg 007.jpg

( written by admin on September 26, 2020 )

What’s in our gallery: Public Appearances

Since things are pretty much slowed down in Hollywood, I am going to remind every fan what we have to offer on this Yael’s corner. Here is a preview of Public Appearances she made through the years.

002.jpg  015.jpg  017.jpg 009.jpg009.jpg 052.jpg 003.jpg 003.jpg

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