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SEP 19: Red Carpet Premiere Of Hulu’s “Reboot”

And to celebrate the newest project, we may have Yael joining more events soon!! This time, she attended Reboot premiere.

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Pinocchio world premiere at Walt Disney Studios

Seems like we need to go on Hiatus more often so that Yael can appear in public! Enjoy one picture of Yael with Brett Dier on Pinocchio premiere.


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New Addition to the gallery: CBS Watch 2017

To add something new to our gallery, I got hands on CBS Watch! magazine and now you can read a new interview of Yael from Jane The Virgin times 🙂

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Yael Grobglas celebrates 38 years old!

Congratulations to Yael for another year!! We hope, soon, great success comes, as we sure miss seeing her on our TV/ Cinema as well as magazines 😉

To celebrate, we share two exclusive outtakes from a 2020 and 2015 Photoshoot:

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Yael features on first project after wrapping ‘Jane The Virgin’

We finally get a new project featuring Yael! Amazon’s Undone, has featured Yael as Leeba on 2 episodes from Season 2, titled Rectify and We All Love Each Other. Both episodes premiered in April on the Amazon platform on April 29th where she speaks two languages previously known to her, Yiddish and Polish. This series has a very different approach as it is animated and it’s the first adult original series of it’s kind on Amazon.

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And to follow this update, we have added this new project to our menu Career page:

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